Financial support

Financial support

PHA Homes is an independent body and a charity that is dependent primarily on the income from rents to provide the best housing and related services possible, while remaining financial viable.

However the Association believes that PHA has a responsibility to support tenants who find themselves in dire circumstances beyond their control. The Association has a Hardship Fund which is an annual sum determined when preparing the annual budgets and is subject to affordability. The Hardship Fund is in place to offer assistance to people and families who may be experiencing unexpected and unplanned financial difficulties.

Once the fund has been fully committed then no more applications will be considered until the following financial year. The Association does not keep a ‘waiting list’ of those wishing to apply. As such an application would have to be made at the beginning of the following year.

The hardship fund payment does not include any reduction in rent or service charges, but is ‘a one off’ financial assistance payment.   Each application for assistance will be considered on an equal basis, and will be means tested. For this reason, we are required to ask for confidential information about the finances of all those making an application to the Fund. This information will be treated as highly confidential.

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