Our repair responsibilities 

  • The Association must keep the structure and outside of your home in good repair including:-Drains, gutters and external pipes
  • The roof
  • Outside walls, outside doors, windowsills, window catches, sash cords and window frames including necessary external painting and decorating
  • Internal walls, floors and ceilings, doors and door frames, door hinges, and skirting boards of communal areas but not including internal painting and decoration of your home
  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues but not including sweeping
  • Pathways, steps or other means of access
  • Plasterwork
  • Boundary walls and fences
  • Basins, sinks, baths, toilets, flushing systems and waste pipes
  • Electric wiring including sockets and switches, gas pipes and water pipes
  • Water heaters, fireplaces, fitted fires and central heating installations

 Your repair responsibilities 

  • Replacing lost keys, changing locks when keys are lost and adding security fittings to windows and doors
  • Replacing fuses, light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and starters
  • General household tasks such as oiling hinges, tightening screws, adjusting doors for new carpets
  • Keeping your home free of pests
  • Maintaining any fittings or appliances you have fitted yourself such as washing machines and showers
  • Replacing broken or cracked glass , although we will make your home safe following a ‘break-in’ if you have reported it and obtained a Police Incident Number
  • Clearing blockages in waste pipes or toilets
  • Filling cracks in plaster unless large (over 3mm wide)
  • Draught proofing (external doors only)
  • You are also responsible for any repairs caused by neglect, carelessness or misuse by you, your family or visitors to your home.

This is not an exhaustive list. If in doubt please contact the office on 01730 263589 for advice

Annual Gas Servicing

PHA Homes Gas Contractor – Diamond Gas & Heating

The annual gas servicing of any gas fed appliance in your home is a legal requirement and carried out for your safety.

Diamond Gas & Heating carry out all PHA Homes gas servicing, maintenance visits, and will attend any gas related heating or hot water breakdown.  If you need to contact our gas contractor please call them on 01329 234111 or contact them via Email:-




If you have an Out of Hours Emergency, that is PHA Homes responsibility, please use one of the four contact details below;

Gas emergency repair – Diamond Green Energy – 01329 234 111

Electrical emergency repair – Soal Solutions – 07920 867 274

Plumbing emergency repair – Lee Newman Plumbing and Heating – 07985 212 401

Any other emergency repair – Andy’s Toolbox – 07733 038 945

If you can smell gas, or notice a gas leak, you should notify National Grid on 0800 111 999

Please note that if the call out is found not to be an emergency, or is tenant responsibility, it is likely you will be recharged for the cost of the call out.

An emergency repair is defined as:-

•   Total loss of electrical power

•   Unsafe electrical work

•   Blocked drains (external)

•   Major plumbing repairs: e.g., burst pipes

•   Dangerous structures

•   Loss of heating and hot water involving health risk, for example elderly persons, people with special needs, families with babies or those with medical conditions

•   Flooding

•   Fires (you should first notify 999 Emergency Services)

This list is not exhaustive