Get involved

We are committed to providing the highest quality service to our residents at the most affordable price. We believe that resident involvement in the decision-making process is fundamental in order to introduce the customer perspective in achieving the right balance between the quality of service and its costs.

At a local level we will:

  • Encourage and support the formation of Residents’ Associations and/or Forums which it will consult on decisions affecting residents.
  • Consult all residents about any major decisions affecting the management or service delivery at their home.
  • Consult all residents about planned maintenance or improvement works to their homes.
  • Regularly canvas residents’ views on the quality of service provided through resident satisfaction surveys and a variety of more local feedback questionnaires.
  • Invite residents to join working parties to review service standards.
  • Support a residents scrutiny panel to monitor how the Association delivers service standards

We have resident representation on our Board of Management.

“The contractors did a great job, thanks!”

Mr P

“Compliments to the tree surgeon on their tidy work”

Mrs Y